Governance of Grace Church

The governing body of this is the church membership assembled in congregational meeting.


Church Council

The Church Council directs the spiritual and business affairs of the Church with the help of the Ministry Commissions and in the place of the congregational meeting sets policy and makes decisions as required to conduct the affairs of the Church. The Pastor and the Church Staff execute the day-to-day operations of the Church in accordance with the policy and decisions of the Church. The Pastor is the senior member and supervisor of the Church Staff, providing day-to-day direction, oversight of staff operations and staff evaluations with the help of the Chairperson or other designated member of the appropriate Commission.


The Church Council consists of eleven (11) members of the congregation who are to be the executive and administrative body of the Church. It is composed of four (4) elected officers, the Chairpersons of the five Ministry Commissions, and two (2) at-large members, elected by the Congregation. The pastor serves as an ex officio (voice, no vote) member of the Council.


The purpose of the Council is to coordinate Church programs, do long-range planning and make recommendations to the Congregation as well as to the staff and the Ministry Commissions. The Council is responsible for putting into place appropriate procedures for the safety of individuals of all ages participating in all programs, especially Worship and Christian Education. The Council serves as a forum for discussion among all represented bodies.



Ministry Commissions

Administrative Ministry Commission

The Administrative Ministry Commission is responsible for conducting annual performance reviews of the Pastor and members of staff, based on input from the Council, standing Commissions, the Congregation, and, in reference to performance reviews of non-pastoral staff, the Pastor. The Commission is responsible for developing and updating personnel policies and job descriptions of all Church non-clergy staff. The Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the Council on personnel matters which include, without limitation, decisions on retention, discipline, termination and compensation. Final decisions with respect to hiring, firing or discipline of Church staff rests with the Council. Final decisions with regard to staff compensation rest with the Council within the parameters of the budget as approved by the congregation.

The Commission is responsible for organization and coordination of church policies; however the individual Commissions are responsible for the development and revision of those policies affecting their areas of concern.

The Administrative Ministry Commission shall foster opportunities for communication in the Church. The Commission shall strive to identify any potential crisis situations and shall act responsibly in identifying methods to resolve the critical situation. When appropriate, the Commission shall sponsor students interested in pursuing a career in Christian ministry.


Congregational Life Ministry Commission

This Commission is responsible for oversight of programs for assimilation of new members, hospitality, and opportunities for congregational fellowship. The Commission serves in a year-round capacity to encourage giving of time and talent. The Commission may sponsor leadership training for lay members and may from time to time host appreciation dinners for those persons who are actively involved in the Church. The Commission maintains information on talents and abilities of members of the Congregation and encourages participation from members in the operation of Church functions.

Annual events organized by Congregational Life include Mother's Day and Father's Day fellowship, Choir Appreciation Sunday, and our Annual Outdoor Worship Service and Potluck Picnic, along with the Supper Club and many other luncheons and fellowship events.


Finance and Property Ministry Commission

The Finance and Property Commission (known as F&P)  prepares the proposed operating and capital budgets for the Church by soliciting input from the Council, all Commissions, staff and other sources. The Commission takes prudent action to ensure that all funds collected on behalf of the Church are carefully safeguarded with written guidelines for their handling. The Commission organizes the annual pledge drive or other such programs as necessary to raise funds for the church's operations, programs and capital improvements. The Commission has charge and oversight of the Church property and maintenance of the buildings and property.


Outreach MInistry Commission

The Outreach Commission is responsible for organizing and directing Grace Church programs of spiritual aid to persons and groups in need, through financial, material and personnel support. Such assistance is rendered in the Frederick area and beyond, throughout our nation, and around the world. Programs may include aid in the areas of feeding, sheltering, advocacy, social justice, Christian witness, or any activity deemed appropriate to Christian ministry. The Commission is responsible for the oversight of evangelism and for working with all other Commissions to promote opportunities for Church growth and social fellowship.


Worship and Education Ministry Commission

The Worship and Education Commission helps plan Worship services and provides feedback on such. The Commission also supervises the Christian Education programming at Grace Church. The Commission is responsible for inviting lay participation and arranging for other assistance to the Pastor as needed. The Commission oversees the duties of the music and education staff and shall recommend any changes to current staffing as needed. The Commission provides for all materials and equipment that may be needed for the proper functioning of the Worship and Christian education programs, including preparing the sanctuary for Worship and providing the elements of the sacraments.

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